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A cancer diagnosis changes your whole world. Getting a second opinion can show you all of your options so you can make the most significant decision.

Feel confident in what comes next in your cancer care with a second opinion from our cancer experts. With convenient in-person and virtual visits available, you can access the top cancer specialists at UCLA Health, ranked overall as the #1 hospital in California for patient care, and consistently recognized for discoveries and innovations in cancer treatments through the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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UCLA Health is home to the most innovative minds doing groundbreaking cancer research. Our specialists and researchers are leading the way in treatment and clinical trials across all types of cancer. Our thorough second opinions ensure no stone is left unturned with consideration for leading-edge diagnostics and technology so you’ll have confidence and reassurance. 

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Easily book a cancer second opinion appointment online. Consult a UCLA Health cancer expert in-person locally, or remotely with written reports and virtual visits. Get a second opinion that fits your schedule - and your time zone.

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 Our expert cancer doctors and support teams are ready to support you and offer cancer diagnosis and treatment second opinions. 

Dr. Timothy Donahue

Dr. Timothy Donahue

Pancreatic Cancer, surgical

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Dr. Gary Schiller

Dr. Gary Schiller

Multiple Myeloma, AML

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Dr. Aaron Lisberg

Dr. Aaron Lisberg

Lung Cancer

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Dr. Lee Rosen

Dr. Lee Rosen

Pancreatic, Gastrointestinal Malignancies

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Dr. Arnold Chin

Dr. Arnold Chin

Urology oncology, surgical

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Dr. Linda Liau

Dr. Linda Liau

Brain, Glioblastoma

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Find the right UCLA Health doctor for your cancer second opinion.

A second opinion that puts you first

Connect with a specialist across any type of cancer for a second opinion perfectly tailored to you. UCLA Health cancer experts are at the forefront of research and innovation with access to ground-breaking clinical trials and discoveries. Our thoroughness and compassion are only part of what makes us California’s #1 hospital in overall patient care.

We’re at work until you’re at ease

Experience compassion and support in navigating cancer with full-service second opinions. UCLA Health specialists erase the stress of managing all the details, including help transferring medical records and test results. All to help you focus on what’s most important - you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limitations to doing out-of-state second opinions? chevron

No, currently due to recent changes in federal regulations, this service is available throughout the United States. Please note, this is subject to change in upcoming months.

What conditions do UCLA Health physicians offer 2nd Opinions for? chevron

Our expert physicians offer second opinions for nearly every condition and leading-edge treatment. Contact us for more information.

- Multiple Myeloma Second Opinion
- Brain Cancer Second Opinion
- Kidney Cancer Second Opinion
- Prostate Cancer Second Opinion
- Breast Cancer Second Opinion
- Colon Cancer Second Opinion
- Lung Cancer Second Opinion
- Bladder Cancer Second Opinion
- Skin Cancer Second Opinion
- Liver Cancer Second Opinion
- Pancreatic Cancer Second Opinion
- Thyroid Cancer Second Opinion
- Ovarian Cancer Second Opinion
- Cervical Cancer Second Opinion
- Bone Cancer Second Opinion
- Testicular Cancer Second Opinion
- Kidney Cancer Second Opinion
- Throat / Esophageal Cancer Second Opinion

Does insurance cover second opinions? chevron

Yes, many insurance companies will cover this service for video second opinions and in-person. If insurance does not cover this service for you, you can still proceed as self-pay. Written second opinions are a self-pay service. Please note, we will accept HSAs/FSAs for payment for any of these services.

What is the self-pay cost? chevron

For video and written second opinions, the fee is $880.

How long will it take for me to receive my written consult? chevron

For video second opinions, we aim to deliver your report within one week after being seen for a video visit. For written second opinions, we aim to deliver your report to you within one week after payment has been made. Please note, the timeline may vary depending on the complexity of your case and the need for any additional studies or consultations with other UCLA Health specialists.

How many questions can I ask for a written second opinion? chevron

You may provide us with up to five questions for our physician to answer in their written second opinion.

What is the length of time for video second opinions? chevron

Video second opinions can vary in time but typically run up to 30 minutes in length.

If I decide to come to UCLA Health for my care, will I be able to see the same physician who did my second opinion consult? chevron

We will make it a priority for you to receive care by the physician who provided you with your second opinion consult. Please note, this is at the physician’s discretion.

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