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A path to treating parathyroid disease begins here.

Caring for you with advanced technology.

Our leading parathyroid doctors and surgeons use highly-sophisticated CT Imaging technology to look at your parathyroid disease. With ground-breaking 4D solutions, we can assess your condition and guide your treatment. After all, your care deserves our enhanced focus. 

Caring for your parathyroid disease starts with seeing you more clearly. At UCLA Health we have among the top endocrine doctors and advanced imaging technology to care for you.

A record of advanced care.

Performing over 500 parathyroid surgeries per year.

If you need surgery, you need experienced doctors and surgeons. And that’s what we provide our patients. At UCLA Health, your doctors are knowledgeable and a plan to treat parathyroid disease is tailored for you.

Meet the super doctors in parathyroid surgery

Work with some of the top surgeons in the nation for your treatment. 

Masha J. Livhits, MD

Michael W. Yeh, MD

Kyle A. Zanocco, MD

Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine Surgery

Helpful Resources for Parathyroid Surgery.

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Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy Frequently Asked Questions

Endocrine Patient Education

The comfort you want in your treatment.

Our specialists perform minimally-invasive parathyroid surgery. We monitor your hormone levels in real-time during surgery to guide your treatment. It’s what happens when you combine the top doctors with innovative research and advanced technology. 

One of the top 5 ranked endocrinology hospitals in the nation. 

At UCLA Health, our parathyroid disease experts use breakthrough research and world-renowned care to provide you with a treatment plan. Our exceptionally skilled and compassionate doctors and surgeons are here to help. Let the top doctors at one of the nation's best hospitals be on your team.

Because you deserve top care.

For your convenience we offer parathyroid pre-screening and post-surgery care via virtual visits. Our outpatient parathyroid surgery at UCLA Health can be performed in about an hour. With minimally-invasive surgical methods, your recovery can be faster. From first consultation to post-op check-ins, we work to exceed your health care needs. 

Treat your parathyroid disease with our top doctors and advanced technology. 

Parathyroid disease has an impact on your health. Let the experience of our leading surgeons at UCLA Health care for you. 

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