Cover your bases against cancer.

UCLA Health is teaming up with Clayton Kershaw to encourage you to talk to your doctor about cancer screenings.

A cancer screening gives you the lead.

Early detection of cancer can be lifesaving. It’s important to talk to your doctor and see if cancer screening is right for you. 

Find out if you’re a candidate for cervical, colorectal, breast, lung or prostate cancer tests.

Touch base with your doctor.

The earlier cancer is detected, the easier it is to be treated.

Our cancer care is on a winning streak.

The Real MVP: Dodgers Recognize Bruin Breast Cancer Survivor

Rare bone cancer doesn’t diminish determination of rodeo champ Juan Torres

Laker For A Day: Franco’s Journey

Live a healthy lifestyle and don’t give cancer an inch. 

Understanding the link between birth control pills and potential reduced risk of certain cancers

Increasing plant-rich foods brings healthy benefits

Reduce Colorectal Cancer Chances

Our doctors, researchers and cancer specialists are in a league of their own.

At UCLA Health, we provide the best cancer care, using the latest medical technology. We lead the way in cancer research, clinical trials and treatment. 

We’re stepping up to the plate in the fight against cancer.

Your donation makes an immediate impact.

Need more help finding cancer information? Try our chatbot!

Let our chatbot help you find what you need to know about cancer screenings, how to book an appointment and more. Click on it in the lower left of your screen and say, “Hello!”

Invest in your health.

Receive health and wellness tips and information to help achieve your goals.

The images and footage were captured before the COVID-19 pandemic. UCLA Health currently follows physical distancing guidelines and the use of masking and personal protective equipment. 

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