Your best life begins with
comprehensive epilepsy care.

Our world-class epilepsy care programs help you keep control.

360˚ epilepsy care so you can live a 360˚ life.

At the Seizure Disorder Center at UCLA Health, we coordinate all aspects of our advanced epilepsy care to treat and heal the whole you. We help care for all of the effects of your condition and address all impacts of your epilepsy—from physical to mental health—to improve your quality of life.

Our coordinated patient care and research teams give us the ability to access best-in-category treatments, including laser therapy and RNS (responsive neurostimulation), so you can get the right treatment to live your best life. 

Want to be seizure-free? 85% of our surgical patients are.

“The guidance of UCLA Health, more than anything, really helped me feel comfortable moving forward.”

Camila Guerrero, 36, was implanted with a newly approved RNS device and has been seizure-free for four years.

We achieve life-changing results for our patients because our entire expert staff—from doctors, surgeons, nurses—cares for you as an individual and responds to your unique needs. You're in the best hands with epilepsy care from UCLA Health.


A seizure-free life is possible.

Simple booking procedures and prompt appointment times make it easy to get epilepsy care at the #1 health care system in California.

Life-changing epilepsy care, wherever you are.

Epilepsy can make travel to and from doctor’s appointments difficult. UCLA Health’s video visits are a great and safe way to speak directly to doctors and include family members without having to travel to a clinic.

Our Family is here to Care for Yours


We offer support to epilepsy patients

and their loved ones.

Every day our epilepsy experts change lives, and lead the way to new treatments.

Dawn S. Eliashiv, MD

Jerome Engel Jr., MD, PhD

Inna Keselman, MD, PhD

Specialty: Epilepsy

Specialty: Epilepsy

Specialty: Epilepsy

Rajarshi Mazumder, MD, MPH

John Stern, MD

Dr. Ausaf Bari, MD, PhD

Dr. Itzhak Fried, MD, PhD

Specialty: Neurology

Specialty: Epilepsy

Specialty: Neurological Surgery

Specialty: Neurological Surgery

Let’s find the right UCLA Health doctor for you.


No referral? No problem!

See a specialist without a referral! If you have tried at least two different anti-seizure medications and still suffer from seizures, you’re eligible to book a consultation today at the Seizure Disorder Center at UCLA Health.

#1 in California and ready to care for you.

At UCLA Health, we coordinate your care as one team—which includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, nurses, imaging experts and specialists—to discuss your case and coordinate services, so you get the best care and gain independence in your life.

Our Family is here
to Care for Yours


We offer support to epilepsy patients

and their loved ones.

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A seizure-free life is possible with a visit to UCLA Health.

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